[EID Network 網站簡介]


  • EIDN創設於1998年,是全球第一也是唯一關注產業生態學應用、產業共生(industrial symbiosis)、生態工業園區(eco-industrial parks)的專業中文資訊網。

  • 收集的新聞與評論文章關注主軸圍繞「產業生態」與「空間文化」兩大主軸的。主題範圍小從物質元素大至綠色產品、綠建築、生態產業園、城市區域發展,涵蓋地域範圍遍及各大洲。相關子課題包括綠色設計、綠色製造、清潔生產、工農產品、綠建築、工業園、生態城市與鄉村規劃與發展等綜合課題。

  • Founded in 1998, EIDN(EID Network) is the world’s first and only professional website in Chinese focusing on industrial ecology applications, industrial symbiosis, and eco-industrial parks.

    The collected news and commentary articles focus on two main axes – “industrial ecology” and “spatial culture”. The scope of the theme ranges from material elements to green products, green buildings, eco-industrial parks, and urban areas, covering a wide range of regions. Relevant sub-topics include green design, green manufacturing, cleaner production, industrial and agricultural products, green buildings, industrial parks, eco-city and rural planning and development.